Trans identities as disorders
Lola Phoenix

Being transgender should absolutely be a disorder and serious medical condition if nothing more than for the unrealistic expectation that all transgender people can successfully align their bodies to cisgender appearance standards, or be expected to. And some flat out refuse to do so, because we have the right to make medical decisions about our bodies, and we’re not binary-sexed in the traditional sense to begin with. If you’re a transgender female in the female bathroom and cisgender women are complaining that you’re a biological male because you are one: if that’s not a disability, then what is it?

Being transgender should be covered under the ADA, but it’s not for the same discriminatory reasons things like electrolysis are not covered under health insurance plans. I’m not supposed to have a beard in the women’s bathroom as a female. but my insurance won’t cover it to remove it. Same goes for male pattern baldness. Can you be a bald female that looks like a male and survive in public female restrooms? How can you put sound logic behind that in a nation that is routinely trying to criminalize bathroom usage?

Lazy government has been allowed to classify us as just male or female in the United States, and our medical system run amok has been allowed to sterilize us.

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