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Man votes early with his boy

Let’s take a second to think about why we vote. We vote because we want to have some amount of voice in the world. This is something we are entitled to, considering we live in a representative democracy.


  • To take control over our lives

Voting keeps us included in the decision making process which shapes the path for our city, state, nation and even the entire world.


  • Voting is the most empowering thing you can do in civic life

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What we do:

At GloPoll, the people’s platform, we help ordinary citizens have a voice on issues that affect their daily lives.

GloPoll bridges the gap between voter desires and policy outcomes.

Why we do it:

This is so important because most citizens have no say on most issues that affect their lives the most. Meanwhile elected officials lack the means and motivation to listen to their voters. GloPoll is here to help.

GloPoll helps bridge this gap by measuring and leveraging public opinion data to enable good governance.

How we do it (measuring public opinion):

Simply put,

GloPoll allows everybody in the world to vote on everything. What that actually looks like is…

-A guide to getting started on your first computer-

This post is written specifically for my goddaughter, but is full of information and resources that may help others who are getting started with their first computers. I wish I knew all this when getting started.

Are you sitting at your new computer? Good. Let’s get this thing set up so that it can serve you best. The first thing we are going to do is open up the browser, so you can download a better browser.

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Getting Chrome

Find Safari, the app that looks like a compass, and click on it. From…

(After a year studying abroad in Germany)

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I’m the guy people come to when they need encouragement for their big ideas. In most cases I’ll say the same thing: GO FOR IT. And today is no different. A friend inquired about whether he should study in Germany. The short answer is YES. Let me tell you why it’s the best choice.

I’ve been studying abroad in Germany for over a year now as en exchange student, finishing up my American bachelor’s degree. My graduation is supposed to be in a few days, but let me tell you, I won’t be coming home for my graduation ceremony! I’m…

Jamie Slate

Founder/CEO at GloPoll. Tech evangelist and defender of democracy. Learn more at

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