4 Questions To Help You Design Your Next Live Event, Online Course Or Coaching Program

As a speaker, trainer and coach there are many different programs that you can run to spread your message while be financially rewarded at the same time.

These can range from live events, to online courses right down to coaching programs.

While you may love the idea of teaching through one or all of these platforms you may be feeling stuck about how to begin designing your content for such a program.

There are many ways to begin designing the framework for your live course, coaching program or online course. From my own experience the below 4 questions serve as guidance to not only paint clarity about what you should sell as a speaker, coach or trainer but also what will be the easiest to create and begin getting paid from your message.

What results have you generated for yourself?

This is a great starting point. What impressive results have you generated for yourself and do you remember the steps of how you achieve that result?

Regardless if the result is direct relation to the niche that you’re in or if it’s a side step — You can create a live event, online course or coaching program about your journey to the result while helping your students to duplicate the process.

What results have you generated for your clients?

This is the main question that I use when I create all of my programs. What results have I generated for my clients in the last few months that others may want to duplicate?
I love this approach to all of my training programs, live events and coaching programs because it allows me to create such depth in my content since the program is based on results other than my own.

This approach also hints to your students that yes, you do in fact also have a “done for you service”. Many of which will go through your program to learn how to do it only to hire youto do as much of the work as possible anyway.

In which area are you highly educated in?

Is there a certain topic, nice or industry that you just can’t enough of? That you feel you’ve read, studied and implemented a lot in?
Then you may be able to create a program from it.

You may be able to give your students the concise information from a wide range of other studies saving them time and money by just giving them the “meat” of what you’ve learned.

Now naturally you’re not able to simply “copy” content from someone else however if you’re able to provide your own view on the topic with a few real life stories / examples of how you’ve used the information and your results then you should be onto a winner.

Are you able to bring the best minds together?

This is an interesting question and is really for the people who are great a networking and who happen to “know everyone”.

Are you able to bring together certain people who are all experts on a single topic and create a program which you host but they deliver?

Think of this like a live event with different speakers, or an online course or interview where you interview each person and provide the students with action items every week.

The upside to this is that you don’t need to know anything directly about the industry, you simply plan the program, bring together the trainers and market it.

Now above all regardless of which question inspires you to go out and create your next live event, online course or coaching program you need to test your idea.

Thankfully I’ve created a short video which explains how to test a program idea before you launch it. You can watch it for free on my Facebook page here:

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