The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

In my personal opinion I believe a leader is someone who is passionate about a cause and inspires others to believe in that cause. A leader is someone who does what he believes is right and not what society deems is right. Often times, people think of a leader who is domineering and authoritative because he is always the one in control. On the contrary, leaders are people who are willing enough and humble enough to share their visions with others and carve a path for them to follow. They create visions of the future and engage others in that same vision.

One such leader who exhibits all the qualities I mentioned above is Ireland born writer and philosopher C.S. Lewis. People might know him as the author of The Chronicles of Narnia. Although the series is a lighthearted children’s book intermixed with a sense of innocence, it is also one of faith and power. I think it takes a lot of gut and effort to explain the gravity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in terms that not only kids but adults can relate to. Religion nowadays is often associated with dogma and hypocrisy, but what C.S. Lewis does is paint a picture of what true Christianity is at the bare bones without any negative impacts of humans and media.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s the rebelliousness of the younger generation was at its zenith because of distrust of government and familial rules and regulations that was brought on by the Vietnam War. However, C.S. Lewis dared to write about his own faith in Christianity in a time that rejected religion and faith. Having studied literature and philosophy in Oxford, he was very well versed in his knowledge. But what I admire the most is that he was humble enough to share in his intellect and creativity as a writer and a poet. He was able to connect with people with various levels of knowledge in a way that made sense. He once said “Ever since I became a Christian, I have thought that perhaps the best, perhaps the only service I could do for my unbelieving neighbors was to explain and defend the belief.” This quotation resonates so much with my own personal beliefs because my “why” is to love glorify God by loving others and caring for them without judgment or hate. And knowing that my time here on earth is not permanent but a very temporary time in the grand scheme of eternity, I want to go beyond myself and be brave enough to share the gospel with nonbelievers. That’s why with everything I do, I want to do it knowing that my interaction with people now might have a lasting impact on their eternity. By breaking down the misconception of who Christians are and what Jesus stands for, I hope to create a world with more truthful knowledge than is presented in the media.

Another parallel that I see between C.S. Lewis and me is our dedication to communicate with others. For everything he’s learned and believed, he shares it with the world because knowledge is powerful enough to change not just the minds but also the hearts of people. By taking the time to listen to others and care enough to write down his thoughts is a brave thing to do. He is a leader because he’s bold enough to share his knowledge and influence others to believe it and that is something I really want to embody in my everyday life.