I Talked to the Alt-Right So You Don’t Have to
Emily Pothast

#5 is tough as hell. I’ve not shut up since months before the election, and it has certainly put a strain on my relationship with that portion of my own family, most of which I have had continued good relationships with for most of my life. I’m dealing with a microcosm of the entire republican spectrum, unfortunately many are very ignorant and most are completely unwilling to even consider that their viewpoints are ignorant, racist, and hateful. Very few show remorse or even a second thought about supporting Trump.

I hate for it to come to it, but I feel it does come to a point where one can’t allow that influence in their life or my kids lives. I would be quick myself to say that walking away is the easy path, but I’m fairly comfortable saying that some people aren’t interested in seeing the other side of the argument. You would think there would be some common ground in things that everyone values but so far that ground is escaping the best of my abilities. And I think much of the problem is they live this ongoing narrative that Obama and Democrats are basically so evil, for lack of a better description, many truly feel they’re position is divine. Why do you think Trump and basically every alt right commenter can’t stop talking about Hillary? They would rather have their healthcare go away, they’d take economic collapse, a knowingly corrupt president, wars, race based expulsion even of American citizens, none of it matters as long as democrats aren’t in control. And what’s unfortunate, is that I see this in mainstream republicans just as much as the further right ones. There’s been numerous polls and studies that are still showing Trump would win tomorrow if he ran against Hillary again. Just let that sink in…

I unfortunately think it may require a generational (multi?) turnover to defeat this. And I do see hope because the younger generations in these areas are substantially more left leaning than their parents, many who go to college are extremely progressive. But, I’m certain this is not going to be a quick, it’s not going to be easy, and many people will be forced to make tough decisions about their families.

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