Inflation of Outrage

Printing more money doesn’t make anyone more rich. Similarly, expressing more outrage doesn’t create more social progress. Money is finite. There’s a lot in circulation, but that big number certainly isn’t limitless. The limited nature of money drives its value. More dollars in circulation means the less one single dollar will buy (I felt like John Krasinki from those Esurance commercials right there). De Beers and OPEC are well aware of this economic phenomenon, and they do not mess around with a potential devaluation. De Beers chokes the diamond supply to keep prices high. The fewer diamonds available means the higher price for that engagement ring. The less oil on the market means a higher price per gallon to fill up the Bronco. The same goes for people’s capacity to devote attention to social issues (however these advocates don’t seem to be nearly as shrewd as those in the think tank at De Beers). Put simply, the more that we are asked to care about EVERY issue the less we care about the IMPORTANT issues. Everyday we’re bombarded with the cause or outrage du jour. Take your pick: racism, sexism, “rape culture” on campus, Black Lives Matter, ect. (and if none of those suit you, don’t worry, we have a new one every week, so the one for you will certainly pop up eventually). With every additional cause or outrage, there is an ‘across the board’ devaluation of ALL legitimate social issues. The approach flies in the face of the goal. With every additional dollar, the weaker the dollar becomes. With every additional outrage, the weaker the key issues become. The causes listed above are important. Don’t devalue their individual worth by crucifying everything that doesn’t perfectly align with the latest “sensitivity training” seminar.