Jamie Thompson
Jun 12, 2019 · 4 min read

A novel income stream for multiplayer game devs

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So you have an awesome game you’ve created/are creating?

What’s the plan for monetization? Release and grow first, charge later? How do you even cover your server hosting costs for a handful of occasional players, let alone a slowly developing community of loyal gamers wanting online battles against real opponents?

Whether you’re building a round-based shooter with something like RPMSF

…and looking to release to Steam with traditional session instances on multiplayer servers you setup and fund yourself on a demand basis or…

You’re building an epic MMORPG on SpatialOS…

…with grand ambitions of lush virtual worlds of massive size and meaningful persistence

Both scales of game project face the same dilemma


Whether coding for ‘sweat equity’ on your own time as part of an Indie game crew or as a full-time cross-functional corporate dev team iterating releasable increments in CI/CD scrum sprints, the bills still have to be paid and that means charging your users something at some point.

Kudos is the traditional currency of online gaming. In that, for titles capable of drawing a large following, gamers are willing to hand over actual cash to play or enhance their gaming experience towards raising their skill level, to gain status and recognition as a high ranking or elite player.

But reaching the required level of player motivation to inspire that degree of commitment usually means numbers, large numbers. More and more players, month on month, growing steadily and playing frequently. This demands scaled up server hosting, with an equally scaled up financial commitment in order to do so, on top of whatever investment you’ve already made in developing and releasing the game in the first place.

All this before you’re likely to even broach the subject of asking your burgeoning community to offer up a chunk of their hard-earned.

This is where we come in and offer you a truly brilliant solution

(you’re welcome!)

Players predominantly seek victory over human opponents and, even more than that, they’d prefer their reward for doing so to be of even greater value than kudos alone…they want to be rewarded with actual spendable currency.

Cash for kills, wonga for wins, dosh for defeating their challengers!

What’s that you say? Aren’t I supposed to be explaining a mechanism by which your game can begin paying your bills, yet here I am proposing that your users develop the skill to pay theirs?

The integration of our challenge app, MODN METL, to your title’s online play options, something we call MODN METL MODE, allows your players to pay to enter a challenge battle against another MODN METL user whereupon the victor receives a reward in spendable cryptocurrency, Battlestar coins.

Each Battlestar coin we reward our users with is proportionally backed by the entry fee each participant paid to enter that particular match battle tier, providing for actual free market value to support the eventual spend of the cryptocurrency for goods and services online.

We offer gamers the chance for their skills to actually pay the bills!

What you get in return, as the game developer of their battle environment of choice is a per-challenge share of the fee we deduct from the price of entry to cover our operational costs…and yours, split straight down the middle 50/50

You literally can’t get fairer than that.

We can offer everything from 1v1 winner-takes-all round-based match tiers, to performance and team-based rewards, even accumulating bounty-hunter style awards per-kill of roaming MODN METL MODE players in persistent-world MMORPG’s.

We bring the thrills to pay the bills.

In that our app sets opponents against each other in your game environment for on-demand action with a cash prize at stake, you can integrate this revenue-generating service at the outset of your title’s release, even without having yet developed a significant player community. Or perhaps you have a long-released game which could benefit from a fresh injection of user engagement and generate a real buzz through these competitive battles bringing your audience a brand new experience within your existing title.

With our development roadmap including a virtual shop of digital items and game content from our partnered titles, purchasable directly in-app with user-funded balances through Google Play and App Store payment gateways, as well as an option to redeem cryptocurrency won in battle, we can offer an unrivalled revenue stream layer to compliment your own and access to a cross-title gamer community through our userbase to bring even more eyes on to your game.

We’re excited to be getting ever closer to the release date for our app, so talk to us about how we can help to offer a dynamically-responsive earning opportunity for your game title, whatever its size or scope.

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