The highs and lows of developing within the new economy

Jamie Thompson
Nov 3, 2018 · 2 min read

“May you live in interesting times” an oft-referenced and wholly mis-attributed ironic expression, albeit likely to be wryly acknowledged as being a particularly apt fit for these times we are living in, or through, depending on your personal perspective.

Our project and our platform has undergone an astonishing six months of nausea-inducing roller-coaster-esque peaks and troughs. From staggeringly successful pitch meetings in Dubai, followed by appalling knee-jerkery from bankers in Cyprus, to a European blockchain investment group having their confidential discussions infiltrated by Taiwanese scammers (yes, really!) until, finally, we find ourselves relocating to familiar shores for stability and sanity, all the while quietly just gettin’ on with the business of development!

Highly-manoeuvrable, proactive and responsive, utilising the full tool-set of agile methodologies, we continue to thrive as we arrive upon the next milestone…


  1. Our eSports-on-demand App
  2. A Game
  3. You!

Our mobile app is now in Alpha ready for some testing under controlled conditions.

See our latest news and announcements…

Then log in to compete!

Not much point having an eSports-on-demand app to test without a game to throw down some challenges on, right? We’ve actually put our own demo together as a fully-fledged FPS test-bed for trialling new app features and functions as we progress!

A robot deathmatch we call…

Finally, to complete the picture, we need you! If you’re a gamer, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, or just looking to earn a little digital currency and can actively participate in rounds of testing and reporting to help us deliver the platform you want for a thrilling monetised eSports experience, register your interest to be part of our closed-Alpha test group, scheduled to commence in the next few weeks.

For the rest of you, we’ll keep you informed and up to date on our twitter as to how we’re progressing and once we reach open-Beta stage you’ll all have a chance to try your hand at monetised eSports-on-demand!


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