I know I should feel sympathetic, vindicated, even glad — but all I feel is angry

One of the cruelest ironies of growing up gay is when others work out your sexuality before you do, and use it against you.

When I started secondary school I was a moderately effeminate 11-year-old with an all-encompassing love of the Spice Girls and the kind of nasally voice that revealed my gayness to anyone who came within 50 yards of me. Or so it felt.

By 15, I was so sick of the taunts, the name-calling and the inappropriate questions that I decided to own it and come out.

The speed with which my admission spread around the school…

The incredible Chi-town skyline boasts 116 skyscrapers… | Photo: Wiki

Remember to breathe,’ I tell myself, as the helicopter pilot’s voice rings through my ears, my body judders and 1,172 glittering high rise buildings unfold before me.

The Chicago Helicopter Experience is shredding my nerves, but it’s also highlighting just how magnificent this 2.7 million-person city truly is.

Grandiose skyscrapers pierce a skyline at once jagged and curiously neat — a result of meticulous urban planning after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Behind me, the staggering Lake Michigan disappears into the night like an ocean.

We caught up with Sir Ian McKellen at today’s Manchester Pride | Photo: Author’s own | 29 August 2015

The Manchester Pride grand marshal talks to GSN about dragging up (‘I look alarmingly like my sister!’) and his thoughts on the Stonewall trailer…

Iconic actor Sir Ian McKellen thrilled crowds at today’s Manchester Pride, where he marched as grand marshal.

Shortly after completing the procession, the star sat down with GSN to discuss the third series of Vicious, partying on Canal Street with Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton, and the true meaning of pride…

Thank you for designing GSN’s 2015 pride tote bag! Are you pleased with how it turned out?
It’s brilliant!

Have you always had a knack for drawing?
No, as you can tell…

Where did the idea for the design come from? There was a comedian called Sir George Robey, he…

St. Bonifacius Bridge — the smallest in Bruges | Photo: Photo: VISIT FLANDERS/milo-profi | 8 July 2016

Cobbled streets, tiled roofs, winding canals: this unspoiled city boasts storybook beauty

The above picture perfectly captures an impossibly quaint, engaging side to Bruges. But it’s not the side of the city I was initially introduced to.

I arrived in here alone, by train, at 11pm one perfectly clear, chilly Friday night in March — without currency, a map, or phone battery. Go me.

A refreshing boat ride in Phewa Lake, Pokhara | Photo: Instagram/JamieTabberer | 10 January 2018

From the peaks of Pokhara and the chaos of Kathmandu to the jungles of Chitwan

The jeep comes to a sudden stop. About 50 yards away, a rhinoceros bathes in grassy swamp water. It could easily be mistaken for a huge rock but for its emblematic horn.

When you see a wild animal you grew up watching on nature documentaries, it leaves you breathless. It’s like stepping into the TV.

I audibly gasp. Not missing a beat, my travel partner Luca asks: ‘What? What is it?’

How a city of 48,000 became one of the world’s foremost gay hotspots — with an all-LGBTI city council to boot

Early evening, and the still-blistering heat of Palm Springs, California conspires with the cooling blue of an outdoor swimming pool. I consider downing my Martini, ripping off my dinner wear and diving in.

An older gay gentleman with the right idea comes walking towards me, palm outstretched, smiling widely.

He wears not a stitch of clothing, save for some elaborate-looking, vigorously-bobbing genital jewellery.

Stephen Fry and River Gallo (who plays Ponyboi) | Photos: Wiki/Ponyboi | 11 June 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Writer/TV star Stephen tells GSN of groundbreaking short film: ‘I’m very proud to have been involved in a small way’

British TV star, actor and writer Stephen Fry has opened up about his support of intersex filmmaker River Gallo’s short movie Ponyboi.

The 19-minute film — about an intersex runaway living in New Jersey — has been on the festival circuit for over a year, steadily gaining critical acclaim around the world.

Former QI host Stephen serves as an executive producer on the project.

He told us: ‘It’s a great step forward that the team behind Ponyboi have made. I’m seriously very proud to have been involved in a small way.’

‘I also asked my friend Emma Thompson — we were thrilled’ says Stephen Fry

Stephen was speaking to Gay Star News at last…

Madonna is back with album number 14 (!) | Photos: Interscope | 13 June 2019

La Isla Bonita’s Latin passion, Confessions-era disco, Like a Prayer-style choirs, the strangeness of Gaga’s ARTPOP — Madame X defies description

1 Medellin

You’ve doubtless heard Madame X’s undeniably fresh lead single; a relaxed, catchy Latin bop that’s better than Living For Love/Give Me All Your Luvin’ combined. It’s the first of many nods to the Spanish sexiness of 1987’s La Isla Bonita.

It has the edge on 4 Minutes, too — thanks to Maluma, whose gruff, sexy guest vocals throw Justin Timberlake’s in the squeaky shade.


2 Dark Ballet

The moderate tempo continues as Madonna returns to themes of gender/sexism explored in 2001’s…

The faces of 2018’s campaign | 3 July 2019

EXCLUSIVE: ‘We had inquiries from the Foreign Office [about it]’ says John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport placed Pride campaign adverts near Royal Brunei Airlines’ check-in area after Brunei briefly made gay sex punishable by death earlier this year.

Royal Brunei Airlines is wholly owned by the government of Brunei. Heathrow Airport is located on the outskirts of London.

In May, after international condemnation, the Southeast Asian country backed down on implementing the law.

John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Heathrow Airport discussed the move with GSN at this morning’s launch of Heathrow’s 2019 Pride activities.

‘It’s also about championing British values to the world’

‘What I realized last year on our Pride Day was, this isn’t just about making sure people can bring themselves to…

Jamie Tabberer

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