Can Omnichannel Marketing Exist in a World of Walled Garden?

The Walled Gardener

Article from AdWeek

Well Walled Gardeners, are these to constructs incompatible? This Adweek article does a nice job outlining the challenges facing marketers as they struggle between open ecosystems and platforms that wall off their user data.

As marketers increasingly demand the ability to find their audiences across a growing number of screens and formats, it’s the partners who support unification and communication across the ecosystem that will have the strategic advantage.

The financial success of the “big three” walled gardens, Facebook, Google, and Amazon has proven this path works. What new models, if any should we expect from the next generation of walled gardens?

The Walled Gardener

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Adding sunlight to the practitioners who build, tend and nourish the advertising “walled gardens” of today and tomorrow.

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