This week on the blog: February 12–18, 2017

Last night we slept with one our bedroom windows open. The air was refreshing. It was also February 18. In northern Virginia. Early in the day, the local temperature hit 71 F. We are expecting much of the same weather today. People were out in their yards pruning plants and trimming bushes. I didn’t hear any lawn mowers, and the trees are still bare, but many of the signs of spring are already here.

Here’s what happened this week on the blog:

  • On Sunday, I wrote about how I travel (at least in my imagination) in between meetings.
  • On Monday, I got a little meta, writing about learning to write.
  • On Tuesday, I wrote about our adventures at the school book sale. Lots of books acquired, for very little money.
  • I have a story reprinted in an upcoming anthology, Funny Horror, edited by Alex Shvartsman. On Wednesday I mentioned the e-book version is now available on Amazon.
  • On Thursday, I wrote about my frustration with my inability to sit still.
  • I used to love listening to old radio dramas that were played each night on KNX-1070 AM in Los Angeles. On Friday, I wrote about my fondness for radio days.
  • In the Department of Small Talk, one of my least favorite questions to answer is “What do you do?” So I wrote about it on Saturday instead.

Coming up this week on the blog, posts on my new phone, writers I can rely on, missing letters, 4 years of audiobooks, and more. Thanks for reading!