I Have a Dream

In Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr., Let’s All Share Our Dreams

Imagine you live in a world where there is plenty of good food, a safe place to live, and a healthy environment for our planet and all of its inhabitants. Imagine a world in which people joyfully work together, generously contributing from their unique strengths, talents, networks, and time. Imagine a world that is a positive-sum game and where its citizens are operating from a win/win worldview. Where you can openly share your beliefs, values and dreams, find collaborators who are interested in similar things and work together, making an exponentially larger positive impact than could possibly be accomplished individually. That is my dream.

Sadly, it is hard for me to even articulate this dream without referring to the ways things are today; the ways that our world isn’t working and the ways that I want things to be different. We are currently experiencing particularly turbulent times full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). With the divisive US presidential election, ISIS, Brexit, and pervasive xenophobia, people are increasingly feeling disempowered, frightened, and disenfranchised. The prevailing mindset is win/lose-where the world is a zero-sum game. As a result, a lack of cooperation and scarcity prevail.

In order to successfully make changes, we must shift to a more hopeful paradigm. New research shows that the more we focus on helping others to thrive, the more we thrive ourselves. By helping others, we each play an integral part of making positive changes in the world, and by doing so, we also experience greater meaning and fulfillment in our own lives.

My goal is to create a movement of like minded thinkers who will support one another’s projects, be collaborative, and by working together increase their own thriving while making an exponentially larger, positive ripple impact on the world. Having a dream is wonderful, but only by taking deliberative actions can we move from the realm of dreaming towards making our goals a reality.

I believe that the world’s problems can only be solved with win/win solutions. I believe that the more we give to others, the more we can thrive individually, and the greater the opportunity to create a transformational ripple impact, positively affecting the world as a whole. Who will join me in making this dream a reality, by becoming part of the this Thrive & Help Thrive community? Share your dreams here and let’s see what starts to develop. More soon!

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