If You’re Waiting For Clarity


Here’s the thing about clarity: I know a lot of us want it. We want the clear picture, the path, hell, maybe even the next step. We feel like we’re in the dark a lot. There’s a reason why every time I write about feeling “lost” a lot of people are like, “me too, omg, me too.” Life is weird. It’s confusing. We don’t always know if we’re doing the things we should be doing or that feel right or what even “right” feels like. We want to listen to our intuition, but sometimes it feels like our intuition has gone on hiatus and left us in the dark tunnel scratching around for some footing.

Clarity, though, is connected to timing. We have to be able to contain the new information. Clarity requires action and sometimes we’re not in the place where we can put ideas or new information into action. That’s okay. That’s why it takes time. That’s why we need to listen and get ready. Sometimes we’re blooming. Sometimes we’re being planted. It’s not always easy to know the difference.

Because gaining clarity usually means something needs to be broken down — you, a way of life, a friendship, something. We have to act on the clarity otherwise there’s no point. And sometimes we’re just afraid of the action we’re going to have to take. We want to know, but sometimes we block knowing, because knowing means we have to act. We have to start doing the things. We have to take the scary risk and make the big jumps and take all those ideas that are rumbling around in our minds and put them to work. Clarity is wasted on the inactive.

So, maybe that piece of the puzzle you’ve been waiting for is waiting for YOU to get ready. Maybe it’s not the time. Maybe you’re not as willing as you think you are. If you’re stuck in that dark tunnel disconnected from your intuition, there’s a reason. Make sure you’re receptive. And that you’re willing to act, act, act on new information, new ideas. Clarity wants your commitment before it comes screaming into your life.

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