Did you record the ENTIRE speech including his very detailed beginnings regarding why it was not…
Pixie N Jeremy

So some magical “stated intention” made everything OK? What crap. Any salesman will always state their ‘intention’ to give you a good deal, no matter what comes next. You provide zero substance to your argument and are unable or unwilling to engage in actual detail of what was said. You make claims you don’t back up. You claim that questioning the logic of Tarcau’s claims is “dogmatic”. You’re projecting. I started recording when it became clear to me that Tarcau was making misogynistic and unsupportable claims. I’m indifferent to your assessment of my character. You’re welcome to bring on the intellectual debate now. But you don’t. “Be careful what you wish for”. Is that a physical threat mate? Pity you feel the need to go there. We were discussing words and ideas. The winner of a physical fight would not be proven “right”. If you’re not willing to discuss the ideas then further communication is pointless.