I was THERE at this lecture listening to your questions and find this entire article COMPLETE…
Pixie N Jeremy

So your entire argument is that because Tarcau made a bogus disclaimer, a superficial packaging which apparently worked (and an NLP device he’s known for), the litany of misogynistic statements are not misogynistic. I’m happy to discuss any interpretation of the points in detail and substance but this is just silly. As silly as your hysterical “you just happened to have a tape recorder”. Heard of phones? I imagine you had one too. People can listen to the audio and make up their own mind whether some alleged magical statement means this is all OK (no doubt Tarcau’s intention was to bypass the gatekeeper of critical thinking by these words — seems it worked in your case). You imply that these ‘special words’ are left out of the recording in a deceptive way. In fact Tarcau at least two more times essentially says these examples speak for themselves then makes a disingenuous disclaimer. There was nothing unique he said at the beginning, no distortion on my part, as you infer. Your inference is a distortion. You claim “he went out of his way to make the point that women were superior to men in lots of respects”. Please supply support for this claim (quotes and times) as it is in my view completely untrue. As I told you in person and repeat in the article it is in my opinion weak and simply unnecessary to celebrate masculinity by pointing out how it’s ‘better than’ femininity (except for baby-making). I can celebrate my country without having to be ‘better than’ too. It’s juvenile. I’ve been in men’s organizations for five years - there has been tons of beautiful celebration of masculinity without distorting stuff from the Bible to claim that women aren’t “people”. I recommend you find a good men’s group if you want to move into celebrating masculinity in a healthy way. There are plenty. Mankind Project is one. Feel free to say whatever you want if we meet again. And do so publicly. I stand by my decision, have had lots of messages of support from women and men (including those who were there) and even if I hadn’t I did it because it was the right thing to do to evaluate Agama teachings. And I’ll make clear to all who and what you’re defending and on what flimsy basis. Your attempt to refute my judgement that “trust had been breached” rests on you’re giving no credence at all to claims from senior female teachers and many others, when we know that this will not come to be tested in court in Thailand (not least because there are different reports of Tarcau bribing local police). Sometimes you have to choose a side. I didn’t choose a gender, like children picking sides in the playground, I chose the truth. Transparency is good. Bring it on.