Yes I do think think that if someone says “I’m making these statements in an extreme way to make a…
Pixie N Jeremy

What does “directional and general mean”? In specific regard to any of the examples I use that Tarcau gives (eg that the Bible says women are not people). It’s waffle. I find your willingness to accept what someone says at face-value naive. And he didn’t say that women in general were as capable and intelligent as men. That’s a lie. As for the rest of your “points”, they are non-specific. So not points at all. You put words you made up in quotes and attribute them to me. You do same for Tarcau. That’s dishonest. Use actual words and actual times to prove them. You clearly read as selectively as you listen. I’ve already told you that men on the course, who’d done other Agama courses over time commended the article and action. Men whose discernment, intelligence, judgement and opinion I have reason to value and trust. I do not trust or value yours. As for your risible use of “man” in inverted commas….has this kind of stuff impressed or intimidated people successfully in the past for you? I said “bring it on” referring to your threat to ‘expose’ me. You clearly meant the physical. Own your words and behaviour. That’s basic. I’m not going to reply again to any nonspecific BS. You’ve had a chance to make a serious argument and you went playground. Goodbye.