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As a twenty year veteran of this profession, I concluded long ago that journalists cannot be “objective.” The best we can do is strive to be fair. As you suggest, however, some of us miss the mark. Nolan Peterson has a degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, but he is also a former special operations pilot and a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. The news consumer has to understand that every journalist brings to his / her reporting the biases of a life lived to the moment in time that his / her report is filed. The sophisticated viewer / listener / reader then filters that report through the prism of the reporter’s inherent bias. Surely consumers of Fox News output know exactly what they are getting when they watch. At the same time, columns like yours serve to expose the misperceptions (at best) or lies (at worst) propagated by other journalists in search of a good story where none may exist.

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