These photos each show 3 locations that are me. Some of the photos show the Mississippi and the boats there. I have many scattered memories of spending fall days there with my family just walking around and enjoying the cool air. Other photos show my house, which I’ve lived at since 2006 and grown up in. The last setting shows riverside (cedar) in Minneapolis. That’s basically Somali island because of the many Somali shops and restaurants all over. There’s small corner stores and big restaurants, as well as malls and entire buildings which are full of only Somali people. All of the stores are Somali owned and all of the apartments are inhabited by Somalis. I feel at home when I’m there because when I was younger, I remember my mother and father never letting me and my older brother out of their sight. America was new to them back then and they couldn’t trust anything or anyone around them. But as we entered into cedar riverside, it’s like we entered a new world. My mother and father would give us $20 to go buy whatever we desired from the corner store because they could trust the many various shades and browns they saw around them. All of these pictures show places that are very important to me and I feel at home in these places.

The title of these photos is “Me”

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