Why I Decided To Shut Down My Free Facebook Group

Knowing When It’s Time to Let Go

A couple of months ago I decided to create a free 5-day bootcamp group on Facebook that focused on how to grow your influence and attract paying customers into your business. It was designed as a complement to my signature program, The Art of Influence to Profit Masterclass. After a massive 48-hour push I had over 200 members enrolled and excited to begin as they conversed in my newly-formed group of entrepreneurs and business owners.

We breezed through the 5 days as people experienced a major shift in their businesses and saw immediate results. Some members moved on to the masterclass.

Fast forward two months later, it’s time to say goodbye.

I didn’t arrive at this decision easily. In some ways, I feel like I’m abandoning a whole segment of my audience. However, I’ve come to the realization that the group had run its course, and those who are interested in staying connected would join my Free Facebook Community for Entrepreneurs: The Boom Squad.

After wrestling with this decision for two weeks, here are the top three reasons that swayed me to finally letting go.

1. Time

Operating multiple communities is time consuming. Let’s face it, successful and engaged Facebook communities usually have a strong admin presence. The truth is, in order to serve my audience at a deeper level, I have to be conscious of where I spend my time.

I’m already managing multiple groups. My Boom Squad Facebook community is highly engaged and requires my attention. I also run a paid membership community with multiple mastermind groups and activities which demands my personal touch. The time requirement for another group is too much to handle.

2. The group was never a community

When the 5-day Influence to Profit Bootcamp ended, I was determined to transform it into a community. I wanted the members to feel that I was with them on their journey.

It was great idea in theory, but implementation wasn’t as simple.

Unfortunately, the group wasn’t designed to be a community. People joined the 5-day bootcamp to learn specific information. Once the purpose was served and the information was received, engagement massively dropped.

The cold hard truth is that some people jump around from free bootcamps and webinars searching for answers. Once they get what they’re looking for, they disengage, unsubscribe from your list, and move on to the next person.

Let those people go. They are information hoarders and have no intention to buy from you.

3. I care about you

There’s only so many hours in a day, and I want to optimize the time we share together. Dividing your interests also diminishes the impact of the content I provide for you. I’m always watchful of ways to improve our engagement because you’re valuable to me.

The Lesson

We have to know when it’s time to let go. Although part of me feels like I’m letting people down, this decision is in alignment with our i am a brand® company core values of Transparency, Self-Awareness, Collaboration and Connection. I intensely value the quality of my social connections, and have based the decision to close the 5-day bootcamp group solely on my commitment to continue serving my audience at a deeper level.

If you’re a member of my 5-day bootcamp group, I would be honored to continue serving you. Join my Facebook Community for Entrepreneurs & Creatives.

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