On How Not To Wait

You’re waiting for something — news that you got the job, your proposal has been accepted for a conference presentation, that they are accepting your offer on the house. We are going to be on the precipice of something great, better than our current condition. I am right now. And I’ve been waiting the last couple of days in awful ways. Don’t do what I’ve been doing:

  1. Don’t wake up and immediately open your email expecting to see the news you’re waiting for. It’s not there. No one’s at work yet and no one cares enough about you to send you an email in the middle of the night so you can stop worrying. They have a job, are tired, and need some sleep.
  2. Don’t leave your laptop, tablet, and phone browsers open so that you can check them every 7 minutes for an update. You already turned off email notifications (good move) so stop looking! Stop looking at one of those devices and not seeing the news, and then looking to another device to prove it’s still not there. It’s the same email account. Stop looking!
  3. Don’t sit in the house all day with your toddler with no plan to get out of the house at all. Go for a walk or drive to Target. It’s too cold to hang out on the playground pushing your toddler in the swing with your phone in your hand. You’ll freeze just standing there and again, the email ain’t there. You need to be active.
  4. Don’t get suckered into long crying spells over things that happened 5 years ago because you need to have some kind of emotional expression. Watch cat videos, volunteer to hold babies transitioning into adoption. Just do something that feels good!
  5. Don’t live for your toddler’s nap time so that you can binge eat tropical mix jelly beans to fill that nagging void. It won’t work. You’ll just end up with cavities, a headache, and a possible choking hazard for your toddler to pick up since you dropped like six of them under the dining room table.
  6. Don’t keep watching the clock, agonizing over when will the day end. That email hasn’t come yet, it’s 7:30 p.m. Whoever was going to send that email left for the day two hours ago. Relax, plan to start figuring out how to survive your anxiety tomorrow.

Now if only I could take my own advice!

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