Computer Glasses to Eliminate Headaches and Eye Strain

People who work on a computer, spend several hours watching television or playing video games, or use mobile electronic devices with a screen will often get headaches, eye strain, dizziness, blurred vision, and experience disrupted sleep patterns. The unseen culprit is high energy visible (HEV) light, more commonly known as blue light. Computer glasses are a specific type of protective eyewear. These blue light blocking glasses are available in several styles and different strengths.

Patented Lenses

Lenses for maximum blue light blocking have been patented by one manufacturer, Spektrum Glasses, under the brand names of Prospek-50 and Prospek-99. These lenses are designed to block the harmful light without changing the colors or clarity of what is being viewed. The Prospek-50 blocks half the blue light and offer anti-ultraviolet, anti-fog, and anti-glare properties. Designer frames for adults and kids can be found for readers, magnifiers, perfect vision, and prescription needs.

The Prospek-99 line is stronger and blocks 99% of blue light. These are ideal for people who work long hours in front of a screen, or who watch television late into the night. The extra strength is to help prevent disruptions in sleeping patterns. Blue light suppresses the release of melatonin. That is the hormone which helps the body fall asleep.

Business to Business Sales

The company offers discounted pricing for business to business (B2B) sales so employers can provide eye protection to employees. Computer glasses decrease incidents of absences from headaches and eye strain, reduces workers compensation claims, and increases productivity. There is a form on the website for interested business owners to fill out. They can also browse the site for more information regarding frame styles and pricing.

Other Products Available

In addition to glasses that block blue light, other eyewear for protection is available as well. Lumin night driving glasses are offered, as are Mira polarized sunglasses. The eyes are delicate and sensitive. They can be damaged easily. Occasional exposure to blue light is not harmful, but prolonged exposure with no protection can cause permanent damage.

Why take the risk when protection for the eyes is cost-effective and stylish? Glasses, except for those with prescription lenses, can be returned for up to ninety days from the order date. All products are under a one-year warranty. The digital world provides amazing opportunities so low cost eye protection is a minor trade-off. Enjoy all the television, video games, and hours on the computer or other devices just do not forget computer glasses.