If I were a programmer, I would be a Millionaire

Jamil Bashir
Nov 30, 2018 · 3 min read
Millionaire Programmer

During my last year’s vocations, I met a person, who became my friend soon. He asked me, what do you do?. I replied I am a programmer. He took a cool and long breath and said, if I would be the programmer, I would be the millionaire. I said how, he explained that I have experience in fundraising and working with venture capitals, being a programmer I can put my own ideas into apps, SASS, and CRM. By getting investments to make the startups successful. As he has plenty of experience in it. This is a true fact, more than 80% of programmers, software engineers work for other. They could start their own startups and get rich extremely fast. But being the only programmer you can’t be rich very soon. A programmer must know the skills of marketing, getting investments and making an idea into reality to generate revenue. We decided to share the skills of each other. I decided to share those online so that maximum people can get benefits from it. Here are what I learn for getting fundraising.


This is the first step in funding any startup. Here initial investments are made by an individual from his own savings or other business. It is good to invest some part from your side to get further investment. As it shows that you are confident enough to get funds and rewards from your startup rather going directly to the investors. It shows investors the startup has great potential that’s why founders have invested their funds here.

Borrowing funds from friends and family

The other option to raise funds for a temporary basis to decorate your idea and make it strong for pitching is borrowing funds from friends and family. It is the best option you have no partners and no one can dictate you but you have to return the funds :).

Angel Investors

In this phase startups seek investments from angel investors in return startups offer shares from 1–00% whatever the commitment is done. They may also have control on the decision making policies to future plan in startups. Here the challenging part is to get confidence and trust angel investors.

Angel investors are individuals or a group of people, they can be family members, friends, successful entrepreneurs, businessmen, and wealthy people.

Venture Capitals

Venture capitals (VCs) are firms which teams of professionals who evaluate the ideas/startups. VCs have raised funds from partners like pension funds, endowments funds, and wealthy individuals. As VCs run by professional so it very difficult to get funds. VCs have a strict evaluation process to gauge the startup before investment in a startup. The investments from VCs may be huge on bases of equity and shares from the candidate company. Here worst case scenario can be, they will have the capacity to replace an entrepreneur as the CEO if they believe the entrepreneur is not suitable to lead the company while the best case is that a good VC can polish your product by ideas and business plans with a blend of experience based other startups dealings.

It is recommended for all programmers to start their own startups and create jobs for others rather hunting jobs for self.

I’ll appreciate all sort of feedback, it is my first piece of writing.

Jamil Bashir

Written by

Full stack programmer with 10+ years of experience

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