LAKE TIMES 1–7–2019

*Sorry no picture today…strange technical difficulties…very strange…yea, hmmm, see what happens in a few days*

Well, is a pretty deep subject. Today, so far so good…yesterday…minus a clean-up mess and feeling a little down…the day truly was good. Let’s just say, people come into our lives for reasons…those we may not realize yet…some may be painful…but God knows best…if I keep remembering that, everything will be truly good, every day. Yesterday, though a little pain…the pleasures of the day…and night truly outweighed the pain.

Sometimes we must look beyond the feelings…and see the reasons…it’s not necessarily one or the other…I don’t think. Do you make a choice based on feeling or reason? Really, do we choose the blue or the black shirt for feelings or reasons? Sometimes, it’s just because it’s both. Sometimes, people are the same way I think. Do we feel a certain way about someone? Or is it the reasons why we feel? When simply, the reason should just be love…unconditional love. I’m not sure yet if that is grown over time, or if you just “know” when you love someone no matter what. The only way I know how to compare is the love my parents have for me…for each other. That is true love worth seeking…knowing…feeling…maybe for reasons only God knows.

I guess one of these days I might find out. For now, I am floating I suppose…see where I land on “Flight G-O-D”. I just know I am helping someone or more every day, and here to tell…that’s all I know for now.

Short one today, and praying I get the past 3 up!! Or you may have to catch up with 4!

Beautimous days everyone!

Jami Mack