Unemployed CEO

As high-performance professionals, we hold our personal journey extremely close rarely letting even those closest to us take peeks. Why? Because our personal brand is, in the end, our number one asset. For many of us, projecting that we have the Midas touch Trumps having it.

The problem with protecting ourselves with personal brand is that it prevents growth. By accepting responsibility for our reality and outcomes we foster a more complete character where the inside and outside match. This increases our attraction and positively impacts our colleagues, employees, friends, and family.

So, I’m going to take off my brand armor.

A question that I’m asked a lot, “Why did you leave the CEO post?” The asker usually expectantly sits across from me waiting for the drama to unfold. After all, why would someone walk away from millions of dollars, power and prestige? They are usually bewildered, befuddled and even a bit annoyed with my response, “fit”.

We assume that with success (meaning wealth and authority) comes happiness. As it turns out, this just wasn’t true for me. For example, when I started Decipher I had 2 months’ worth of savings, no clients, no tech, a shit ton of grit and a mile-wide smile. It was like jumping out of an airplane. I was 100% focused. Conversely, as my “success” increased so too did my stress and my unhappiness. Not because success is bad…I just wasn’t a good fit for the role in that company. I knew it but I kept putting on my personal brand and faking it trying not to let anyone down including my board, employees and family.

Quitting a high paying job with great employees and a highly successful global team might be seen as dumb. But I needed alignment between what I do and my passion which is centric to investing in CA’s Central Valley to rapidly grow early stage tech firms.

So, what’s next? This week I will build my desk. The following I will build a tech firm that achieves market dominance in 2 years while supporting Fresno entrepreneurs through mentorship and capital.

NOTE: You can find the original post on Aug 30, 2017 at Typepad but I left that platform.

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