kid C.A.T

The first article I chose to look into was power through education by Michael Tyler. I felt that it illustrated a root cause in my inf0graph. My infograph has to do with segregation in schools based on race and now income. Micheals story of being pushed to go to school but for the wrong reasons and him devaluing the cost of education is something to look into. At many of the schools that houses the low income and minorities, teachers are new and unexperienced, classes are”dumbed down”, and students feel they are being babysat but not taught. When working on our infograph we ran into some views that said that integration was the solution to cases like Michaels. By integrating schools there is a mix of incomes and races, students are taught better and pushed to succeed. By mixing the schools with low test scores and unfit teachers with schools that have high test scores and excellent teachers there will be a winning situation.

I believe that youth incarcerated youth juvenile lifers educators youth organizations public officials is a good organization that helps the men incarcerated. Michaels story is an example of a school system has failed but this organization is one that does not quit, even after so many years and bad decisions later. This organization is doing more good than maybe schools alone. It gives powerless people who have been through bad situations a chance to turn their lives around and get that power in thought. When I refer to power I do not mean in a oppressive, or strong way but power in being able to be open minded, tolerant, understanding and thoughtful.