Pacific Voyages — Travel to Places You Will Never Go

Back when politics was still funny there was the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ in Alaska. I absolutely love this story. Even in this age of the most unsettling leader since Nero, this story is amazing.

In 2005 a congressional delegation was pushing for and was allocated $395,000,000 to build a bridge to Gravina Island to serve the 50, yes 50 local residents and the regional airport. But hey, it would replace the $7 per car 15-minute ferry ride (round trip).

Pacific Voyages — Travel to Places You Will Never Go

Más a Tierra used to be the name of an island 400 miles off of Chile—until it was officially renamed “Robinson Crusoe Island” in 1966.

This is where Alexander Selkirk was marooned for four years and four months starting in 1704. Unlike Clipperton, the last island I reported on, this is a paradise. Selkirk survived on fruit, lobster, nuts, spices, goats, birds and eggs. What, no croissants?

I have always found it such an anomaly that this 2.3 square mile island is just 700 miles off the coast of Mexico but 6,600 miles from Paris and that it remains French.

Introduction — Pacific Voyages

by Jamis MacNiven

After shutting down Buck’s Restaurant my wife Margaret and I got down to the serious business of home defense from our redoubt in the Santa Cruz Mountains by making a half dozen stuffed dummies out of our old clothes from the 70s (‘look out, you vicious hoards, we have hippies on guard!’) …

Jamis MacNiven

Pacific Voyages — Travel to places you will never go

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