— Maze Prints

Simple in presentation, hypnotic in the details

I received a gift in the mail a few weeks ago.

As you may be aware, I’m a little bit obsessed about mazes. I’ve written blog posts about them, and even an entire book about algorithms for generating them randomly. I hear periodically from folks with questions about mazes, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary back in April when the talented folks at Stellavie asked me something:

I gave a few suggestions, and asked them to let me know how their project went.

Fast forward to July:

Wow! I liked it, a lot. A beautifully drawn weave maze, completely braided (lacking dead-ends) — a style of maze that I’ve always been fascinated by. A few back-and-forths later, I received a package in the mail containing four beautiful prints. Seriously, I’m in love.

I’m trying now to figure out where to hang them all. My kids are obsessed with trying to solve them. (Who am I kidding? I’m obsessed with trying to solve them.) I love the unadorned simplicity of them, and how — fractal-like! —the closer you look, the more complex it all becomes.

Check them out for yourself at!

Full disclosure: I received these prints at no charge, in exchange for spreading the word about them. But for all of that, my praise is entirely sincere. I really like Stellavie’s aesthetic, and I may be making some purchases there in the not-too-distant future…