I spent a summer as a nanny in Singapore, and they’re right.
Mae Babcock

I’m really not being a smart-ass… but I gotta suggest that you try to honestly understand what led to that difference in Thailand.

We all know that they will whip/beat you for offenses as serious as painting graffiti and I believe that they do not allow chewing gum.

If, in fact, your experience is valid throughout Thailand (rather than just in your relatively small vacation experience). I wonder whether it might be due to a culture that is more comfortable with a degree of freedom lower than Americans would accept.

You might also consider that, at least in the case of cat calling, nobody is actually being injured. I can honestly say, as a man, that I would never be comfortable doing it. But some people find it normal, some women may even like it. What is normal in rural Minnesota is not the same as what is normal in New York City.