You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

One of the dumbest things I’ve ever read.


In no meaningful way does anyone care more about you bag than about your college degree.

We are all judged by our appearance. Welcome to reality.

It is nice to say that babys, or little girls are beautiful. Little boys for that matter. You are overthinking it.

….violence against women. So, some forms of violence are more often perpetrated against women. So what? Neither society, nor the government, is supporting or encouraging that. So…. what do you want to change, exactly?

Do you want young black men to give you more of their gun murders in exchange for your rapes? To balance things out? Does that sound ridiculous to you also?

I know many men and women and I’ve had many jobs as a 40 yr old adult. I’ve neither seen nor heard of a gender pay gap incident that couldn’t be explained fairly easily.

Did you know that the $.79 for every $1.00 version of this supposed gap was reached by literally taking all men’s earnings, divided by all men, and comparing the same average pay number for women. …. Meaning that it did not compare apples and oranges. It compared all jobs, even if more men happened to become doctors and more women chose to work at day cares. Therefore, a completely dishonest attempt to compare men and women in equal situations. Don’t quote me, but I read a statistic about college educated women, in something like the 25–35yr old range making like 17% more than college educated males of the same age. Do you want to fix that “problem” also?