• 25g Cafe Blue Jamaica Blue Mountain, single origin, roasted 1/17
  • 2 cups water heated 4:40 in 900W microwave, unknown temp.
  • Bloomed for 30 sec. Brewed via inverted method for 1 min. Press took approx. 20 sec.
  • Result: cup approx. 2/3 full. Chocolately nose, woody, nutty, ashy palate, long finish. Medium bodied.
  • Rating: 3/5
Notes: Sorry for the delay in posts! I’ve been a little busy in the mornings, but I’ll do my best to keep it consistent, suffice. to say, I’ve hit my stride with this group of coffees. For this particular one, I think the 4:30 thing was ill advised. Not sure what I was thinking, but this one is almost gone, so there’s not much I can do about it.
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