5 Easy Ways To Improve

Your Office Environment

It is necessary to keep a clean and organised working space since your office is basically your second home. If you give the appearance that you control your office environment, you will most likely avoid to look like a layabout. But if you actually keep it attractive day-to-day, it would be even better.

Here are five tips about what you can do to make your office a better workplace.

#1. Keep Your Desk Organised

This is probably the hardest but most evident thing to achieve. The least you can do is to cast aside all the stuff from the desk top surface before someone walks in to visit you. Just keep a drawer to be used for the purpose. This way you can make yourself look tidy. Remember to clean up that drawer frequently, or else you risk to see yourself with another mess on your hands.

Even if you don’t care what your colleagues will think, you can always rearrange your desk’s ecosystem in order to benefit from a more organised work surface. The less scattered objects in your sight to distract you, the more effective you will be.

#2. Don’t Eat Messy Food In The Office

Why would you even put yourself in such situation? To enjoy delicious tacos, chicken wings, noodles, powdered doughnuts, ice cream cones or jelly-anything on your desk will only make your colleagues hope you got your wet wipes ready.

With such foods it is not a surprise there are people who suffer from Fear Of Eating In Public. If it is not easy for you to resist the temptation, you should bring an extra shirt, prepare paper towels to wipe down the mess and use an air freshener.

#3. Let The Sun Shine In

If you really ask yourself, how to improve your office environment, this is something that you definitely need to do.

You will probably agree that all the lamps in Disney Land can’t make your workplace look as delightful and attractive as the sunlight. Open the blinds, keep your windows clean and crack them open a little. Don’t you think it is worth and maybe even cheaper to pay for professional window cleaning rather than increase your electricity bill?

#4. Add A Touch Of Green

If you don’t have plants in the office, you should definitely add a few. They bring a welcoming feel, improve the indoor air quality and increase your productivity.

Interior plants offer a visually enhanced perception of your space. Your colleagues and your visitors will be able to enjoy nature’s beauty and reduce their stress levels. Yet don’t carry the idea to excess – it’s an office after all. But have in mind that a beautiful plant life is a matchless distraction from the rest of the room and will improve your office environment in a special way.

#5. Use Humour To Boost Your Office Life

Scurry around the workplace all day long can be facilitated by different forms of amusement. Jokes, funny pictures, posters and so on are a good idea as long as the humour is acceptable and does not disgrace anyone. Try to change the funny items regularly. This will guarantee that your colleagues will swarm around your desk “to check out the latest”, which will create a warm and sociable ambience around your space.

You may think that you don’t have time to make your office a better place to spend 1/3th of your life, but if you really knew how much that absence of initiative cost you, you’d reconsider. The total effort you put into create and maintain an efficient work space will pay off in a big way.

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