The Real Freegan Lifestyle — Freedom, Solidarity, Independence

Jamison Cobbs
Oct 3, 2014 · 6 min read

Imagine this: you are not poor and you have a job but you get your food and pretty much everything else in your life out of the garbage someone else’s garbage. This is how freeganism is viewed in the the western world. But the freegan lifestyle is about much more than just dumpster diving.

Enter Freeganism!

Freeganism does not equal dumpster diving

  • — gives freegan tips, helps freegans from the world to find each other and organize, shares links to other freegan sites and useful info.
  • — lists the bins of wasteful supermarkets around the world

Food goes to trash while millions starve

Source: Global food: waste not, want not ( Institution of Mechanical Engineers) 2013
    Jamison Cobbs

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