Jon Ossoff Could Have Won

Karen Handel won the election in Georgia’s 6th district by roughly 10,000 votes. She got 134,595 to Ossoff’s 124,893 votes. Ossoff raised approximately 26.2 million dollars. He could have won, if he focused on what he really needed… votes. He could reasonably have spent just 10 million dollars and literally physically moved 10,000 democratic voters into the 6th district for under 1k per person.

When I first mentioned this to my husband he thought it was brilliant, then waffled that you couldn’t register to vote that easily. I did my research, all you need to do in Georgia is establish proof of residency, which means sign a lease, update your license and send in your voter registration form (which can take up to 4 weeks to get back).

To prove my point I even did a quick online search of apartment costs in Atlanta’s northern suburbs. The following is the first thing that came up and admitedly, I haven’t worked hard to map the location to the district but it expresses the concept. No doubt, this can be accomplished even cheaper.

At first glance it is a seemingly lovely apartment and shockingly reasonable, The W at Glenridge Complex in Atlanta’s Northern suburbs.

The application fee is $95.00 per applicant or co-signer. There is a $200 security deposit, based on approved credit and a one-time, non-refundable administration fee of $375 for a one-bedroom apartment, $425 for a two-bedroom apartment, and $525 for a three-bedroom apartment.

Common Area Maintenance fee is $20 per month.

This plan assumes millenial’s, retirees and others would be politically motivated and able to scoot around the country in a pinch, which tons did to help canvas. They could crash a 3 bedroom with 6 souls to a place for 2 months for $1,050. That is only $175 each. At which point Ossoff’s campaign would have spent under $200 to cover the cost of housing each person for 2 months in district and at what looks like a pretty swank place. The campaign would still have extra cash remaining to pay for license registration fees, pet costs, gas to cross The Rockies or The Blue Ridge (depending which coast they are imported from) and of course glamorous air mattresses. To be conservative Ossoff’s campaign would probably want to blow a bit more cash and fly in an extra 1k humans to tip the scales more solidly in their favor. No biggy as you are no where near maxing out the bduget at this point.

That is how Jon Ossoff could have won the special election.