Why I’m No Longer Voting for Bernie Sanders

I jumped on the Berndwagon hardcore, but after some thought I’ve decided that I’m not going to vote for him after all. Here’s why.

Let’s just put it all out there: This election is draining. Party politics is kind of horseshit and I’m pretty sick of all of it. The fate of our country lies in the hands of one person and one person only and we’re all just stuck in the middle, having to decide between two people we’re not sure we trust. There’s hate speech on one side and corruption on the other. What the hell do we do?

But then, like a beacon of light shining forth truth, justice and the American Way, he appeared: a beautiful savior of our time. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders.

Hot damn.

Bernie may have been 87 years old, but that didn’t mean that he was out of touch with today’s youth. Bernie cared about people, not politics. He cares about the younger generation and making college affordable. He cares about income inequality and making sure that everyone can get a living wage. He cares about fair and humane immigration policies. He’s beautiful and he cares about us. Sure, many may have criticized a lot of his campaign goals as too idealistic to ever really be implemented, but wasn’t the fact that he was at least putting them out there and trying to be a voice for the voice-less what mattered in the end?

And sure, he may have been a Socialist and that could be damaging to America and American politics, but I don’t even really know what Socialism is, so who cares?

I don’t get it.

“Beautiful Bernie,” as they called him, was who I hitched my saddle to for this election. Bernie represented me. Bernie represented all of the 99%. Bernie was who I thought of voting for during the primaries. #IWasWithHim all the way.

Is “who I hitched my saddle to” an actual turn of phrase?

But, after giving it a lot of consideration, I’ve realized that I simply cannot vote for Bernie Sanders. Because Bernie Sanders is no longer in the Presidential election. And since he’s no longer running for President, he can no longer get my vote.

The other day I drove past one of those Wiley Sanders trucks and it made me wonder what it would look like if Bernie Sanders and Dr. Wily had a baby, so I whipped this up to see. I think it came out pretty good.

If one day we can really shake the American party system up and actually WRITE in a candidate of our choosing, maybe I’ll think of Beautiful Bernie again. But for now, it’s just simply not an option. Also I’d probably just write in “Sam Eagle,” anyway, because that would be pretty funny.


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