Council tax rates set to soar in Nottingham — Merry Christmas from the council!

“The taxpayer — that’s someone who works for the federal government but doesn’t have to take the civil service examination.” Ronald Reagan

Nottingham City Council has confirmed that it intends to increase council tax by 3.95% every year for the next three years.

This means that council tax rates in Nottingham will have risen every single year from 2011 to 2019. Talk about a party of taxes…

Band D c0uncil tax comparisons

No doubt, this is a blow to families across Nottingham, who yet again will be forced to stump up for the consistent financial shortcomings of the city council. While the national economic picture is getting better, locally in Nottingham, it is getting worse…

Taking all council tax bands into account, families across Nottingham will be paying £431 a year more on average than they were in 2010.

By increasing the council tax by 1.95% (before the additional 2% precept) the Labour council has avoided the need to ask Nottingham city residents whether they agree with the rise via a referendum.

For a council which consistently claims to champion democracy, they have conveniently disregarded the people on this occasion whilst reaching further into our pockets. Time for a limited government?

Extract from the Executive Board paper detailing the proposed council tax increases

Nottingham City Council already has some of the highest rates of council tax in the country; consistently higher than both Labour and Conservative controlled councils.

The same excuses have been wheeled out about government cuts, but that doesn't explain why among the Labour controlled core cities, Nottingham has the highest rates of council tax in every band (A — H).

If other Labour controlled councils like Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool and Birmingham can keep their council tax rates consistently lower than Nottingham, it can’t be all central government’s fault.

While the Conservatives are lowering taxes for people nationally, Labour seem hell-bent to use their position of power in Nottingham to increase the burden on families. I guess it’s ok when someone else is paying…

It is clear now, more than ever that Labour’s time in Nottingham is up.

The full Executive Board paper can be accessed and read, here.

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