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Nice post going over the terminal art scene. I actually came upon this while trying to find out why the fuck unicode would waste time implementing something like Tengwar while so many real and endangered languages desperately need to be encoded. (gotta prioritize white male nerds in the West I guess…) Anyway just one caveat regarding the Japanese site you linked: both the legacy and modern site just embed the text in images. Unfortunately this is very standard practice by Japanese web developers; I’m guessing the designers have very specific requirements for the visual look of the website and the developers lack the knowledge/resources to actually implement it in non-bitmap form, instead inserting clippings from the mockups. I think web support for this kind of thing has matured quite a lot since the early days, but maybe the unicode revolution hasn’t quite taken hold in Japan for whatever reason. Regardless, thanks for sharing your experiences, quite nostalgic to read about them. Non-latin text still isn’t a solved problem but we’re getting there slowly and surely.

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