What it means to settle and why you shouldn’t do it!
The Angry Therapist

Thank you, this is great. Love this esp: But you have to be honest and own what is yours and what is theirs. If you own what is yours and still feel the same way, you’re probably settling

I’d love another article/your thoughts on how to do that, actually. I understand the concept and maybe I’m just lazy or scared to sit and think about it, haha, but I’d be curious how you’d lay it out and you’re perspective on it. Sometimes I think I’m owning something and I realize it’s masochistic blame, and the other person actually was responsible (or simply did something that was a deal breaker). Or I think it’s someone else’s behvior and I realize (sometimes years later) that I might have messed something up, or I was the one “to blame” because of my perspective or reaction based on my past, etc. Maybe I’m even missing the point in using the word “blame”… sometimes it can get pretty confusing. Esp. when there is magic, but maybe some deal breakers. Or, you’re still figuring out what the deal breakers are.