Nice, but naive.
Michelle Rose

Yes, a nice try Tanaka, but not convincing. At least in the US, there are many like minds to this theory, but they are not the ones who actually contribute to society, but are merely nurtured by it. Much like leaches drawing the life blood of the host while complaining that they must expend so much effort to do so and that, they find demeaning. It is the liberal mantra to differ from the tried and true idiom of hard work produces success and productivity explodes with the new tools available to the worker, but the fire is not there anymore. People are too worried that they are being exploited, when they are actually being presented with opportunity.

I find it interesting that you, MR, consider a conservative business, actually a news organization as evil, while I find the liberal counterpart inane, and a major threat to our liberty, as it is designed to lead the ignorant along the path of compliance to their political agenda. Not what I would call a free press. I suppose, if you had the power you would abolish it, but in so doing, would initiate your own demise.

This is my first contact with Medium, and most likely my last. Life is too short for such crap.