How the Russians have turned us against US.

Follow The Money:

Russia has ultimately gotten us by the balls whether we realize it or not. In the past year when sources were saying that Russia may have hacked the elections. I started thinking farther than this. The last year, I have done extensive research & went under to see exactly what we might be missing or what people didn’t want to see.

The thing is, Russia has been doing things to us that we will never be able to fathom or quite realize. It’s a lot deeper. It goes beyond a secret channel. It is deeper & darker than that. Russians have been using Americans forever to clean out regular people’s bank accounts, savings, and credit cards. In the attempt to bring down infrastructures but we haven’t thought anything of it because we are covered by our banks. However some banks don’t always honor it.

We have all heard of how people go to apply for a house but find out they are declined because there is something crazy on their credit report stating that they have “bad credit” now.

On the deepweb, there is a lot of things that would make the average person feign astonishment but in reality they secretly are enthralled by the anonymity. There are ways to wreak havoc & no one know any better. A good OPSEC (Operations Security), a good RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) then you log into the Tor network, go on sites such as Alphabay, Hansa, and basically look up any marketplace or forum with RU roots & you’ll find a plethora of illegal things that are being done.

  1. Carding: You can steal someone’s credit card & use it to buy things or try to cash it out. You have people buying brand new TV’s, video game consoles, or even being more brazen, buying things that are more hefty in price. Carding is a very popular tool used in Russian circles. Often times, these guys will have listings set up to where for a fee or a percentage. They’ll card you whatever you want. I have seen listings for AirBNB, Flights, etc. It’s there. So, think about it. If these guys can card stuff like this WITH OUR MONEY. Imagine how bad this really is.
  2. Drop Accounts: They’ll use the information of a person to open up bank accounts, credit cards, etc so they can dump money from another stolen account. They often times will recruit people who are from the US. I have seen this not only happen first hand but once the accounts receive dirty funds. They get shut down but damage is done. Bank no longer will associate with you. In my humble opinion, this is the GREATEST attack on the American people when we are flagged, can no longer get help from financial institutions. This prompts banks to come after you more aggressively, and then it destabilizes in whole.
  3. These places on the darkweb will sell out full profiles INCL. public records data. Making it easier to infiltrate the person. To get desired results.
  4. I have seen people asking for botnet’s to be created. This is where they create sites that replicate exactly what you use to log private details. Will find the answers to your secret questions, etc. Botnets are the phishers of information. They create scam pages, where you get emails claiming your security is breached & then you give them your data.
  5. The sad thing: US has been helping Russia launder money for quite some time now. During the election, there were people asking people to card donation pages for candidates, etc. It wasn’t just fake news that was penetrating us. People’s credit cards were being used to “donate” Unfortunately, as a society, we are not careful with our scrutiny. Always rushed. No time to really look & itemize. The donations weren’t for huge amounts, but for enough that it could be noticeable when glancing over & making you wonder.
  6. Another thing that has been happening on the deep web, is that there are loans being taken out. If you have really good credit. It’s not just credit they are taking out. They are taking out loans, whether they are Payday Loans, Long term loans or whatever they can do. They get the documents doctored up & submitted for loan approval which will happen. The money is then put into a drop account, and it often takes a few people to make this happen. Bank recognizes it as what it is. Sees no issues. No holds. The perps often want accounts that are aged a bit so then there are no flags, etc. The person will go in, and get the monies from the account. Then go convert it to cryptocurrency. Once you send BTC, you cannot recover that money. You essentially just threw it in wherever & it’s not coming back.
  7. I can only wish with this, more people will realize that it’s easy to be at Russian’s beck & call because they make the process so easy & simple. There is a price though. As we are seeing with the GOP. I am also in the belief that Russians are the creation of Social Engineering. Where it’s easy to convince someone that you are doing for the greater good.

Having lurked & talked to many, which wasn’t easy. I decided to pose as someone looking to make quick money for rent. They are completely anonymous, often communicating between ICQ, Wickr, Jabber, Cryptocat, & telegraph. They will set things up. Executing the process. There is a lot of naivety within the US. The Russians are far more advanced than we’ll ever be as far asThe Russians are far more advanced than we’ll ever be as far as infiltrating. While we are more interested in the brawns. We are failing to hone in our brains..

How can we fight against this. This is the ultimate task. We have to come together & realize the dark forces that are playing us against one another. I no longer believe in credit scores & credit reports because the businesses have no interest in anyone’s side but what they see in black & white. I have devised a way for people to start being aware and I’ll be following up. The thing is we are so divided by those who don’t see what we are facing. Or are still in denial. The Dark Web may seem like a great place where you can get anonymity but in all seriousness, it’s another place where we have lost our democracy to the Russians.