When you thought it couldn’t get any worse.. It does & will continue.

This is what our society has amounted to, we are now catering to the minority. Not the majority. When I say, the minority. I am talking about the ones who were HAPPY when they graduated because they felt accomplished & felt they weren’t required to go any further. The non ambitious. General 1950’s white picket fence dreamers.

We are talking about the minority where if you had family money, you weren’t touching until you fulfilled some requirements, i.e. family business, got a degree, the “forced” graduate.

Let me talk about my upraising. I DID not have an easy time, I was always sick. My mom was gone, dad MIA, relatives who knew I was there but that was it. I grew up in a foster/adoption care system that didn’t treat minorities the same had I been blonde haired & blue eyed. To watch our society, I can’t help but wonder, What. Were. You. Thinking. Seriously?

However, I persevered and became a pretty incredible person who is articulate, smart & hilarious. I have endless compassion, and I care a great deal about everyone. I’ll do what I can to help someone in a heartbeat. I have a knack to write eloquently, write a neutral facts only document & I can write to engage users in my emotions. I have skills that I have honed in on and I am very ambitious. Maybe I can be president someday?

How is it, as a predominately “Christian” nation. We are by far not even close to what Jesus taught. This man that’s evidently the unforeseen guy in “Who Wants To Make A Deal?” will send you to Heaven because he (Jesus has decided who is naughty or nice) gets to choose who is going & who isn’t. I’ve been through a few religious/spiritual transitions. I started out Roman Catholic. I mean, I still bend at one knee before entering my pew in a Cathedral. I might even take the bread chips if I am in a hurry because I forgot to eat, I am still trying to find a catholic church with REAL WINE. No, that’s not the lush in me. That’s just the curiosity. 
I have gone the Mormon direction, only to realize my objectification (Legal side in me that will straight up argue with you because I can & I believe all opinions/thoughts are accounted for, however, if I find discrepancies, I am calling it out.) Eileen is notorious for asking me when I am typing furiously one handed on my phone (the right hand, Nubbie is not helping even when they need to be on their A game), if I am starting shit on one forum or another. Twitter being my other platform. Or to breathe in and slowly because when my blood pressure raises, it gets crazy for me, I apparently start breathing hard. She’s amounted to asking, “What has he done.. now.”

No one religion is right or wrong if we are going to base things on the New Testament (What was taught by Jesus). There is a REASON why there is old vs new. I mean, you can’t take a little bit of the new & apply it when it benefits you.

Now, here comes the politics. Most of these die hard GOP, and even some if not a vast majority of Dems have beliefs & thoughts that surround their faith. You can’t sit here & tell me, that you care about all children (especially unborn children) Well, you can sit there and tell me that all children have feelings/emotions. When you look the other way when kids are being abused, left to die, in war stricken environments or stranded by their parents. You can’t tell me that you have their best interest at heart. That you know what they are going through, but yet you are going to cut funding for something pertinent to their cause. Majority of all children who are in foster care, rely on Medicare. Most kids on SSI (Paul Ryan) are on Medicare if one parent dies. We get a lot of benefits when our parents die. I got a basically free ride in college. (That Agent Orange thing) Thankfully, by some unforeseen energy, I thought beyond high school because I was educated enough that I might not have that many options if I just stuck with a high school diploma.

The minorities are becoming the white people, the “simple minded” & there is no disrespect in this. So don’t take any. They are gnashing left & right demanding that they be seen & heard. Where were you when we were demanding to be heard/seen/understood? White conservatives in the south are the first to use any/all government resources, make money off loopholes, have fraud cases related to government benefits. Yet, let’s scream & holler at the minorities who “take jobs” I will say this, I have had 52 surgeries, 4 were botched by white men, I have the scars to prove it but the 49 other surgeries were successfully done to make me the woman I am today, by doctors from other countries. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

My thought is, just sit down & shut up for awhile. Let us work things out so that it benefits EVERYONE involved. The thing is, the majority want everyone to succeed.

How are we truly rewinding, hell wrong word. erasing everything that we have worked for. Everything that we have put forth the effort because some white men/women want to hang on to their privilege? To look down on others and call themselves Christians.

The thing is, you will NEVER agree with another person’s person’s preferences, completely. If you do, then they really are not in it for you. They just aren’t. Take it from experience. However, it’s okay to have disagreements. That’s why America was born. It looks like New America will be in the makes soon enough. When that does happen, all the resources that we have made, fought for and created will be brought with us. I can just imagine what the New World 2.0 will be like, or will it be 5.0?

I literally cried this morning in despair because of the callous remarks he makes about our history’s blunders. Which is exactly what they are. People have no idea the stains on our country that we should not only embrace but be reminded of during crucial moments, such as this.. 45th era.

Our freedom is at stake, democracy for what we know it to be, and what we stand for. The majority stand for. Land of the free, home of opportunity.

I saw a tweet, asking me what would I say to my 1997 self. I was 17 at the time. I should have been a pillar for the minorities at the time, such as fighting for rights for everyone. “Go into politics. You are an amazing & bright disabled Agent Orange baby. You will impact several with your testimony of what senseless wars do to children. You may very well go very far in politics & bring great change. Stay away from certain women who might become interested in you, invest in stocks and get your same degree. You got this!

In hindsight, in hindsight. I guess.

#resist #thefutureiswomen #humanrights