Let her live. Let her live, please.

How long has it passed? Five minutes? Fifteen? An hour, maybe even more? He wasn’t counting. Time is crucial, no need to waste counting each second. 
She’s gotta be somewhere in there.

The water was pitch black curtained by the dark and heavy clouds above. The turbid water swirling violent currents and waves beneath the surface. When he saw the sea he hadn’t thought it through, he just dove into the depths of it. There was no time to second guess.

Time is running thin for her. Air was running thin for him. He swam with all his might.
He resurfaced above the water. Lungs heaving, craving for its oxygen fill again. Life is slipping for both of them. The water is cold, the rain is pouring hard, as if grieving for their demise.
He dove again. Reserving his strength, the oxygen in his lungs and the will to save her no matter what it takes.

In darkness, light is bound to be found.

Green. He caught a small pin neon light glowing against the dark seas. Dancing in the darkness that cradled him. It was her luminous bracelet she always wore. Her lucky charm he remembered her say. He swam, weightless and dense against the water. Like a cosmonaut in space chasing a star billion lightyears away. He was close, close to the green neon light. It filled his wavering heart with hope.

His eyes stung with salinity, warmth gradually leaving his body and muscles wearing out. He propelled his body in each stroke of his flailing arms against the strong wave tossing him afloat back to the surface. Each time he’s getting close, he was still not close enough to grab her hand the light just slips farther away, elusive.

He won’t give up that easy. She was his saving grace. A flash of lightning beamed and illuminated the water underneath. A glimmer of hope shined on him. She was at arms length when the floodlight shine on her body. He grabbed her hand, green pendant glowed floating around her wrist. He tugged her body close to him, encased her lifeless body around his arms.

He cried, salt tears on salt water seas. He didn’t let her go. He swam with every ounce of strength left in his body. They resurfaced. Bodies intertwined, swaying. They were hinged between two worlds clashing. One, where oxygen is a waste and rejected but life breathes. While the other lives in parallel but nourished in reverse with the other world.

Their body danced to the rhythm of nature. Like tango, with harsh choreography and tempo. The music played by the concerto of howling wind, spinning in a frenzy. Leaves, branches and twigs brushing each other, like a guitar strumming notes and climatic melodies.
It could have been a romantic feat— romantic but tragic.

Only if death, wasn’t looming — watching them dance in unwilling silent defeat. But still, Death was leering, waiting for the waltz to come to an end.

Death too, teared in woes of their fading life coming to a peace.

‘Soledad — .’ was the last word that left Hitansh’s lips.

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