What is Good Stax?

All about our cool little vinyl club and our big mission.

Where it started.

Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die. — Paul Simon

Paul Simon nailed it. Music is ancient, it is one of the very few known cultural universals that enables us to both express our emotions and to actively modulate them, both within ourselves and among one another.

Being that the operative word of music is play — you get to play music with other people, and you get to play music by yourself. It’s a great refuge sometimes and it’s a way of putting a smile on someone else’s face, to connect and give joy to those around you.

These notions, however subconscious, are what I grew up with. Being lucky enough to have been surrounded by people with the music itch and a keen disposition to share and digest as much music as possible lead me here — to Good Stax.

Early on I was a keen collector of vinyl. Something about the ownership of music in a physical format always spoke to me. Taking records round to a friends house to show-off and enjoy your latest purchases was a rich past time of mine.

This aspect of sharing and encouraging deep interactions with music is something that has come to be the crux of Good Stax and the motivation behind it.

So What Actually Is Good Stax?

Good Stax is a record of the month club, delivering essential records to your collection. Sharing and getting excited about music is at the core of who we are.

Each month we work closely with artists, labels and contributors from across the music industry to select an innovative record for our members and get it out to their door step

Innovative music for us is music that showcases strong creativity, bold musicianship and work that commands a captivating listen and an importance to the cultural fabric of genre and time period.

Vinyl as our medium of choice is tangible, weighted, and creates an environment in which to listen more actively to the music that you love.

It’s tangibility and overall aesthetic is something that will always be appealing and that will always have a surrounding culture.

This culture encourages the idea that listening to music is an event and we work to amplify this experience.

The Selection Process.

Over the course of the year we move through a wide range of music. In any month members are likely to get some new, classic and undiscovered gems spanning various genres, times periods, and artists.

We take suggestions from contributors throughout the music industry, members and friends and throughout our own team to keep tastes as varied as possible.

As we move through a process of elimination, each month we end up with a record that is innovative, essential and worth attention in its entirety.

The idea is that members do not get records from us with only one or two good tracks on them but albums brimming with creativity and culture throughout so that they be both worthy listens and staples.

Some FAQ’s

To give some more insight into how we actually run we compiled some FAQ’s to help everybody get acquainted:

What do I get every month?

  • 1 x LP record including limited editions, colour variants, release exclusives, double LP editions.
  • Access to our members-only music and gear digest where we detail new releases, vinyl news, downloads, good reads, Good Stax updates, feature roll-outs, playlists and loads of other love.
  • A host of member only benefits (discounted add-on records, free shipping and more)
  • Member-only bonuses and giveaways. We plan to give a TON of stuff away! (We already have a few cool goodies to send your way).

Who picks the records? And how?

We have a diverse team of people working tirelessly to find records that are too good to ignore. We take suggestions from good people throughout the music industry, keep our ears on the look out for new releases and limited editions, listen to tons of music each month, have fist fights over eliminations and then take what we consider to be the essentials and ship them straight to your door. Easy!

Free shipping?

Free domestic shipping in Australia for monthly packages, yup!

Do you ship internationally?

Sure do! Here are the rates:

New Zealand: $10.00
Asia: $12.00
USA/Canada: $14.00
Rest of the world: $20.00

*As we grow these rates will reduce.

What labels will you be dealing with mostly?

Working with labels and artists changes month to month. What comes first is a selection process and then we move onto contacting the labels/artists and work with them to create a package for members to enjoy.

What features have you guys got planned for the near future?

Good question!

  • Member only forums
  • Add-on store (this one will be up asap)
  • Pre-paid membership tiers at discounted rates

Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely, just flick us an email and we will help you out. No questions, no fuss.

Thats it! If you have any more questions about us or just want to say hello you are more than welcome to email the team at hello@goodstax.club or message me personally at james@goodstax.club

If you want to sign up and get involved in the club we are welcoming everyone on to our prelaunch list! You can sign up below :)


James and The Good Stax Team.

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