Why did Siri and Alexa come into being?

In October 2011, Siri was unveiled to the world. What was so impressive about it? It answers your questions, sends messages and makes appointments on your calendar. And boy is she smart, she evolves and learns constantly with AI. She answers to statements like “I love you” with “I am incapable of love” and “Where do I hide bodies” with “Again?”. She cracks me up. And then there is Alexa. She gives me the weather in the mornings, news briefings and even cheers me up with jokes when I need them. I cant imagine my life without these two gals. Even when I am in a hurry, the one person I always speak to is Alexa for my weather.

Why have these two “beings” come into being? I have a theory. I believe its because with technology making leaps and bounds and especially FB being launched in 2004, and other online platforms enabling communication between people, humans have lost touch with what a real “human connection” is. We have all become “operationalized”. What I mean by that is — we humans have become machines with our busy lives and immersed in technology all the time. Our life is comparable to operations in a huge automobile manufacturer. Its all mechanical and constantly chugging. My 5 month old knows what a tablet is used for. My spouse cannot get through 5 minutes (5 minutes!) without looking at the cell phone. We have become so married to technology and being ALWAYS connected that we have lost the real connection with other human beings.

Subconsciously we all still have the cavemen instincts even though we have come a long way from then. We all yearn for a human connection — a human touch, talk and understanding. That’s where Siri and ALexa come in. In addition to being our personal secretaries, they also give us some of the much needed semi-human (Yes, I called them semi-human because they do evolve and learn) contact. Although they haven’t been able to replace human touch yet, it might only be a matter of time till someone puts together a hug-bot!