How Gig Economy Can Turbocharge Your Business

You may have different opinion on gig economy but you can’t denied the fact that gig economy is growing rapidly and what most important to know is the ways by which organization get help from gig economy. We are come up with 3 Ways Gig Economy Can Turbocharge Your Business.

How the Rapid Rise of the Gig Economy Is Changing the Way We Work

This is a good round-up of how the gig economy is growing and the opportunities it presents to workers. A useful infographic looks at the advantages of working as a freelancer.

Three Ways The Gig Economy Can Turbocharge Your Business

This piece shows how organisations are using educated white-collar professionals. From increasing agility and accessing hard-to-hire skills to doing more with less, organisations are finding that the gig economy can provide highly skilled workers in their moment of need.

4 Secrets to Gig-Economy Success

There are some great tips for freelancers in this piece. In particular, think about presentation — how you present yourself and your business. You want clients to get beyond any stereotypes they may have about freelancers working in their pyjamas!

Gig economy is about ‘technological change’ not ‘exploitation’, says Uber barrister

This exchange between a barrister who represented Uber and one who represented a cycle courier shows the polarity of discussions around the gig economy. Do these opposing views help in your understanding of how the gig economy can help your organisation?

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