How we will help you get off to a flying start in 2017

Happy New Year!

The turn of the year is a great time to make plans, goals and resolutions for the year ahead. Here at Jam Pan we really value New Year’s resolutions and one of our 2017 resolutions is to provide you with the best possible service.

Throughout January, we will be getting in touch to find out what you’ve been up to during 2016. We want to help you update your profile to reflect what skills you’ve developed, what projects you’ve worked on and more…

As you know, Jam Pan works by matching your skills and experience with those needed for jobs on our platform. The more complete and up to date your profile is, the better the service we can provide and the more opportunities you have!

Fancy a jump start on sprucing up your Jam Pan profile? You can schedule a call with a Jam Pan team member here.

Or you can have a go yourself using our top tips blog post. When you’re done, send Tori a quick message and we’ll get back to you with any feedback.

Wishing you all the best for 2017,

The Jam Pan team

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