Jam Pan Celebrates New Milestone as 1,000th Freelancer Joins the Platform

Global online learning marketplace Jam Pan signs up its 1,000th elearning freelancer and cements its position as the global leader for on-demand elearning skills.

Jam Pan, the platform which connects expert freelancers with businesses looking for creative learning solutions, has been growing organically since it launched in December 2014. In recent months the rate of sign-ups has increased dramatically which has helped the company reach this significant milestone in less than two years.

David Wood, Jam Pan founder, comments, “We are absolutely delighted to have 1,000 freelancers signed up to the platform. This is a significant goal which shows that we have both scale and depth in terms of the skills we offer. We now have freelancers in all corners of the world delivering a range of creative learning solutions for clients.”

The rapid growth in freelancer sign-ups to the platform reflects the shifting elearning marketplace. Increasingly, organisations are looking for learning solutions to be delivered more quickly. That means looking outside of the organisation for the right skills. On-demand platforms such as Jam Pan, Uber and AirBnB are growing rapidly as a result of this consumer and business trend to find and fulfill a service quickly.

Wood adds, “We know that organisations need the right learning resources at the point of need, which is why we created Jam Pan. Freelancers are hired within hours of a job being posted on the platform which means the work can start really quickly.”

Jobs posted on the platform, such as producing screencasts, editing videos and reskinning content, are fulfilled within days. Traditionally learning teams in organisations had no quick access to freelance talent which meant they spent months identifying and on boarding freelancers.

Jam Pan provides a growing range of freelance skills, from instructional design and elearning development to learning management system consultancy, video graphy, app development and animation.

The platform helps elearning freelancers quickly and easily market their services to a wide variety of organisations.

Mark Glanville, director, Popcorn Learning Media, comments, “We’ve used Jam Pan since we set up our business 18 months ago. As a new start-up we had faith in our abilities but didn’t know how to get exposure to the larger companies who we wanted to work with without investing large sums of money into marketing. Jam Pan solved this problem for us. They’ve already got fantastic relationships with numerous large organisations and enabled us to compete for their business on a level playing field.”

Freelancers are also able to develop their skills through Jam-Pan’s partnerships programme. Through this initiative technology providers such as Elucidat offer free access to their technology. This partnerships programme is set to grow as the platform continues to support the emerging skills that clients require.

As the freelance elearning market continues to grow, Jam Pan is keen to hear from both freelancers and client organisations. To find out more email hello@jam-pan.com

About Jam Pan

Jam Pan is a global On-Demand eLearning Services Platform founded by David Wood in 2014. Jam Pan connects expert freelancers and agencies from around the world with businesses that need them.

Platforms like Jam Pan are transforming how business services are purchased. In finance, marketing, technology, HR and right across business, marketplaces offer customers greater choice, ease of buying, lower prices, faster delivery, more customer-focused terms and greater purchase security.

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