Journey to Montana

I signed up to serve with the Creative Missions team in Bozeman, Mt. I had no idea how difficult it would be to travel there. Here’s a timeline of my trip.

Flying over the Rocky Mountains.

Saturday, May 20

  • 5 AM: Wake up in Atlanta, Ga. Drive to airport.
  • 7:32: Board plane heading for Dallas, Texas.
  • 7:51: Pilot announces that the flight has been delayed due to weather.
  • 8:26: After a short delay, the plane takes off.
  • 8:31: I start reading a 730+ page book, assuming it will take me a few weeks to finish. This assumption is incorrect.
  • 9:04: Another passenger has heart attack.
  • 9:39: Plane is diverted to an early landing in New Orleans.
  • 10:35: After refueling, take off from New Orleans.
  • 11:23: Land in Dallas — 30 minutes after my connecting flight left.
  • 11:28: Eagerly wait in line to talk to the airline customer services people.
  • 11:58: After waiting in line for about half an hour, customer service takes pity on me and puts me up in a local hotel.
  • 12:15 PM: My luggage boards a sold-out flight heading to Bozeman via Denver. Guess I’ll be wearing the same outfit again tomorrow.
  • 12:32: The next flight to Bozeman (via Salt Lake City) isn’t until 5:50 AM the next morning. It’s with a different airline. Regardless, I immediately purchase the last ticket on the flight.
  • 1:08: I catch a shuttle heading for my Dallas hotel. My first time in Texas is lasting much longer than I expected.
  • 1:41: Check into my room and eat my first meal of the day — not including those pretzels on the plane.
  • 3:42: A woman in the next room noisily breaks up with her boyfriend in room next door, using profanity exclusively.
  • 8:30: Go to sleep to prepare for an early morning.
Waiting at the Dallas Airport at 4 AM.

Sunday, May 21

  • 3:01 AM: Wake up in Dallas, Texas.
  • 3:36: Order Uber to the airport. My driver’s name is Innocent.
  • 4:15: Successfully clear airport security. Begin waiting at gate. Don’t realize that I’ll end up waiting more than four hours.
  • 5:36: The flight is scheduled to depart in 20 minutes. Informed that flight has been delayed due to sick flight attendant.
  • 6:12: Find out I need to meet the Creative Missions team in Helena instead of Bozeman. Schedule new connecting flight from Salt Lake City to Helena. Continue waiting.
  • 7:34: A replacement flight attendant arrives. We are instructed to board.
  • 7:39: Apparently, it was the wrong flight attendant. We’re told to get off of the plane. Return to gate. Continue waiting.
  • 8:15: The correct flight attendant finally arrives. We re-board plane.
  • 8:40: Flight departs for Salt Lake City. This is the first flight for the girl sitting next to me. She’s nauseous the entire flight. Swell.
  • 10:35: We land in Salt Lake City, five minutes after my connecting flight has started to board.
  • 11:10: My third flight in two days departs for Helena, Mt.
  • 1:07 PM: I finish reading that 720+ page book I started reading the day before. I’ve been reading it nonstop while waiting for airline flights.
  • 1:35: I finally land in Montana. The Helena Airport is the smallest one I’ve ever seen. It’s time to start #CreativeMissions.
Finally made it to Big Sky Country. It was totally worth it.