How to start a #TEDTalkThursday at work

I love TED Talks. They’re such succinct, but powerful messages on any topic imaginable. After watching an exceptionally compelling talk, I often want to share it with others, especially my co-workers.

Which is why I started a #TEDTalkThursday at my work this year. With our leadership team’s permission:

  1. I selected twelve relevant TED Talks, one per month
  2. Scheduled one for the second Thursday of every month
  3. Invited the entire staff to join me for a viewing in the conference room

Simple as that.

I doubt I’m the first to have this same idea. In fact, I hope I’m not. This has already been a great way to cultivate a more educated and collaborative work culture in our office.

So feel free to borrow the idea. Here’s the TED Talks we’ll be viewing during 2017


The way we think about charity is dead wrong


How great leaders inspire action


How to start a movement


Are you a giver or a taker?


The anecdote for apathy


What nonprofits can learn from Coca-Cola


How to buy happiness


The hidden influence of social networks


What makes us feel good about our work?


Let’s crowdsource the world’s goals


A third way to think about aid


Want to help someone? Shut up and listen

Will you create a #TEDTalkThursday at your home or work? What are some of your favorite TED Talks?