W Hotels, a Marriott International Brand, once again breaks the boundaries of luxury hospitality with an innovative experience focused on music, one of its core pillars. Thanks to Jamset, WParis-Opera now offers a full instrument-sharing service, available for all music enthusiasts, guests and locals alike.

Adeline Misko, Marketing Manager, W Paris-Opera : “At W Hotels, music is part of our DNA so working with Jamset on a different approach felt very natural. …

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I read once that start-ups have more chances to succeed if founders are old friends. That’s our case. Our 3 founders have been friends for more than 20 years. We don’t need to talk much, we understand and act like one. In fact, the oldest trace in my memory about Jamset’s concept was during a friends dinner 3 years ago. I took the guitar and start playing, as I always do in these occasions. One of my friend throw me: “you know, you’re never as happy as when you play music”. This innocent sentence resonated, matured in me for several months. At that time I was running a mobile company that was doing fine. But I was always missing doing things around music. Not as a pro player of course, I have never had the skills (who knows… we hear worst everyday on radio…) but rather to leverage the 20 years of knowledge I had cumulated in digital marketing, product design, business development - managing all kinds of teams: devs, UX, marketing, sales… I had worked at Warner Music at the beginning of my career, but the arrival of streaming had made me a collateral damage to the dismissal of almost the entire team. …

For all those who navigate around the musictech scene, ISMIR is an event particularly rich in learnings. …

Musictech company, providing amateur musicians with music studios in hotels, workplaces and other cool places.

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