How to Write Guest Posts Which Drive Traffic to Your Website

Jun 9 · 15 min read

In SEO, Guest Posting is a method using which you write an article for a website and get a link to your website/blog in return. You may also link to your social media profiles.

I see this issue all too frequently when I am consulting a variety of bloggers and businesses. They are not using guest articles as a lead generation approach only because they do not observe the advantages.

That is because they do not need to waste time producing content for Other sites.

If it sounds like your mindset, you are passing up a massive opportunity here.

Guest articles are among my favorite strategies to drive more visitors to a site . I utilize this strategy all of the time.

If you are unsure that guest blogging will reap your Company, this is the best manual for you. People that wish to start guest blogging but do not understand how to begin or turn those articles into website traffic, you are in luck too.

As a seasoned guest blogger, I will tell you everything you Want to Know more about the subject so that you can boost visitors to your site.

Write for websites related to your brand

If you have been composing guest articles for a little while but have not seen a increase in traffic, you might choose to reevaluate the sites you are writing for.

I have many businesses. While all of them are different, they primarily revolve around helping brands using their internet advertising, lead generation, and website traffic.

Forbes is a worldwide global brand. They focus in topics associated with Business, entrepreneurship, technology, investing, and other related subjects.

While their brand is not just like mine, it is close enough. Additionally, their readers and target audience are very similar to mine too.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you have an ecommerce web that Sells shoes and sunglasses. Your guest blogging plan does not have to be confined to websites specializing only in shoes and sunglasses.

Alternatively, you may write for trend sites. But not just any style site.

Since I explained with my Forbes example, You Have to make certain The readers fit inside your target market. If your manufacturer sells sunglasses made for males between the ages of 18 and 35, it would not make sense to compose a fashion blog that targets women over age 50. Make sense?

Although your current guest articles may have good substance and Content, it won’t do you any good if they’re not printed on the appropriate sites.

It is okay to turn down guest posting chances if they do not fit With your own brand. Just don’t burn any bridges.

You will never know. The Man who reached out to you may end up working For another site later on that’s more aligned with your industry. You’d want to maintain that connection on good terms.

Reach out to credible blogs

Don’t simply sit back and await people to get in touch with you about writing guest posts for their websites.

Unless you have got an extremely well-known website, name, reputation, And brand, odds are this might not occur. You need to be proactive and Find sites all on your own.

Nonetheless, it’s vitally important to be certain these potential blogs have components that add authenticity to the site . By way of instance, is your website filled with different ads?

As you can see from this data, people don’t like seeing ads on Websites. They can damage a brand’s credibility. You might choose to prevent reaching out to blogs which have an overwhelming number of advertisements.

As I just discussed, it’s best to start your search using blogs applicable to your brand.

But just because a website is relevant and contains the identical target audience as you do doesn’t mean you should compose for it.

Do some research.

You would like to find sites that already have a great deal of traffic. It is going to be a waste of your time if you write for sites nobody reads.

In addition to the ads, you will find other ways to inform Whether or not a blog is credible. For starters, if it’s a big name brand you understand and comprehend as an authority in your industry, it’s a safe bet to assume they already have lots of traffic.

If you are unsure about this, then examine the engagement for their blog posts. Check the comments section.

If a website publishes only one new article per month, then you can assume that they don’t have a strong audience that drives lots of traffic.

But bloggers that post on a more frequent basis report stronger results Concerning involvement:

These are the sorts of sites you need to make an effort to contribute to.

That is because their audience is much more likely to return to the Website On a normal basis. As a result, your guest posts will probably be more likely to be seen, and your site will see more traffic too.

Do not be afraid to reach out to websites to inquire about guests posting. You may be pleasantly surprised by their own answers.

As you probably know, blogging takes time. On average, it requires over three hours to compose a typical blog post.

These sites could be relieved to hear you are willing to lighten their workload and help them create more content.

What is the worst-case scenario? They state no. Not a major deal. Just move on to the next site.

Sites to Guest Post

Digital Marketing Blogs For Gest Posting

  1. Mashable | DA 92 | Topics: Social media, technology, business, entertainment

Travel & Tourism Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Hostel Bookers | DA 69 | Topics: Travel

Finance Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Inc Magazine | DA 91 | Topics: Finance

Sports & Fitness Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Health Line | DA 91 | Topics: Fitness, health

Health Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Psychology Today | DA 92 | Topics: Psychology, self improvement

Home & Garden Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Curbly | DA 71 | Topics: Home design

Family & Community Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Cafe Mom | DA 82 | Topics: Family

Digital Marketing Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Mashable | DA 92 | Topics: Social media, technology, business, entertainment

Travel & Tourism Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Hostel Bookers | DA 69 | Topics: Travel

Finance Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Inc Magazine | DA 91 | Topics: Finance

Sports & Fitness Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Health Line | DA 91 | Topics: Fitness, health

Health Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Psychology Today | DA 92 | Topics: Psychology, self improvement

Home & Garden Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Curbly | DA 71 | Topics: Home design

Family & Community Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Cafe Mom | DA 82 | Topics: Family

Jobs & Education Blogs For Guest Post

  1. eLearn Magazine | DA 91 | Topics: Education, reviews

Arts & Entertainment Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Colossal | DA 91 | Topics: Photography

Real Estate Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Escape Artist | DA 64 | Topics: Real estate

Hobbies & Leisure Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Craft Gossip | DA 70 | Topics: Craft

News, Media & Publications Blogs For Guest Post

  1. The Guardian | DA 94 | Topics: Entertainment, finance, business, sports

Food & Groceries Blogs For Guest Post

  1. The Kitchen | DA 86 | Topics: Food

Law & Government Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Above the law | DA 75 | Topics: Law

Business & Industrial Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Forbes | DA 94 | Topics: Business

Technology Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Techolac | 72 | Topics: Technology

Web design Blogs For Guest Post

  1. Smashing Magazine | DA 91 | Topics: Web design

Show off your unique voice

A guest article is not the opportunity to slack off when it comes to quality. In fact, it’s quite the reverse.

Contrary to the readers out of your own website, this new audience doesn’t know who you are yet.

They are skeptical because they are reading Something Which’s Different from what they are utilized to. You have to recognize these readers could be critical of the way you write.

Don’t neglect them. Your guest articles Ought to Be a true Reflection of the articles on your own site. Don’t pretend to be something you are not.

If you read this article, you’ll recognize I wrote it using the exact same voice as I do all of my other posts.

If your writing style is typically humorous or funny, continue using that special style. Just make sure it’s done tastefully.

The very last thing you need to do is offend a person or hurt your brand. That won’t help you get more traffic.

Include links to your own website

How do you expect people to navigate into your site if you don’t provide them a hyperlink to click?

Do not expect them to Google your name, do some research to see What company that you own, then visit your site from that point.

That’s way too complex, and nobody will take that many steps.

Instead, simply include natural hyperlinks within the material of your posts. Writing guest articles is among my favorite ways for one to consistently build backlinks.

If you do this correctly, people will click and be sent to your site directly.

But that is not all. Having backlinks on other credible websites will positively affect your SEO ranking.

As a result, you will also benefit from an increase in organic search traffic.

Encourage the site to promote your guest posts

This part is a little bit tricky. There is a fine line between writing a guest post and being part of a organization.

Just because you’re writing a guest post does not give you the Authority to make decisions for that brand. But that does not mean that you can not politely ask them to share your guest post on their societal media pages.

You can ask them to send it to their own email subscribers.

A Wonderful way to assist the website meet your petition is by supplying to return the favor. You may tell them you will discuss the post on your own societal stations also.

This benefits everyone. Their site will get more traffic. As a End result, more people will see your guest article, which raises the Chances of you getting more visitors to your own site.

Track your results

How can you tell whether your guest post strategy is working?

You don’t know unless you use analytics and tools to your advantage. I recommend building unique links by creating UTM parameters:

Each hyperlink in your guest post can have a unique link. You’ll be able to see exactly how much traffic comes from these links.

If nobody is clicking on these links, obviously your strategy isn’t working.

There are a few different ways to go from here. You could potentially change the style of your posts and the placement of your hyperlinks within the content.

Or you could decide to stop writing guest posts for that particular site.

Regardless of your decision, you’ll need to track the results with these types of analytic tools to evaluate your performance properly.

Keep writing

Do Not just write 1 guest Article and Believe that Is Likely to be Sufficient To spike your traffic. Continue composing for that site should they permit you to.

You do not need to go overboard.
To be the only website you donate guest articles to. Reach out to other manufacturers too.

thin. You do not want your blog or brand to endure as a consequence of your guest marketing.

Ensure to remain balanced, and do not allow your quality endure. However, The more websites you compose, the higher your odds of getting higher Traffic to your site will be.